As long as there is inflation death and taxes, there is a need for sound financial planning. We can help you prepare for a secure financial future. Let our experience and knowledge protect your money from inflation, unnecessary taxation and provide long term security for you and your family.

In addition financial planning can provide for other important financial goals such as our child's education, increase your net worth or plan for a comfortable retirement in these uncertain economic and political times.

We at Martell Insurance Services will help you assess all your financial needs and select financial products best suited to your immediate needs and long term goals and objectives. Periodic reviews of your Financial Plan by us ensures new areas of need, such as the arrival of a new baby, purchase of a vacation home or the transfer of funds from an RRSP to RRIF are incorporated and are part of your complete financial plan.

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Which investment product or asset mix best suites your needs? Who Knows?
By working together we would discover your investment profile and only then recommend an investment product and asset mix that would match your investment termperment.

Are you looking for an investment that offers potential high returns yet with very strong guarantees? Are you looking for tax sheltered growth outside of your RRSP?

Are you looking to maximize your gain and minimize the tax you pay on investment income?

If you are, one of the following concepts could be of interest to you.

  • Tax Free Savings Accounts
  • Personal IRP
  • Corporate IRP
  • Leverage is an advanced investing technique where an investor borrows money to invest with the anticipation that the investment will return more than the interest paid on the loan. after interest charges and taxes are paid and the outstanding principal balance is repaid, the investor keeps the investment gains.

    First an investor puts up an initial investment deposit from personal funds. Secondly the investor chooses the amount of additional investment he or she wishes to make (normally from 1 to 4 time the initial deposit)-and then takes out an investment fund loan from a bank. These two amounts are combined and invested in a non-registered investment