No Health or Dental Plan at work? No Problem.

Martell Insurance Services has brokerage contracts with the leading providers of personal Extended Health Care and Dental Plans.

With more and more cutbacks to our nations health care system,many Canadians are surprised to find out, sometimes too late, that their government Health Plan does not cover many day-to-day health related expenses such as, prescription drugs,nursing care,ambulance expenses,paramedical services and dental care just to name a few.

For some, these expenses are covered by a company group plan, for the balance there are Personal Extended Health and Dental Plans.

These plans are ideal for individuals and families who:

  • Do not have group coverage.
  • Work for or own a small business.
  • Are self employed.
  • Have had coverage reduced or terminated due to retirement.

  • Health plans or Extended Health Care plans are designed to provide additional benefit coverage as a supplement to your provincial health insurance plan. Any resident of B.C. regardless of age or health condition can participate in a plan.

    For the most part,dental plans are offered with 3 different levels of coverage.

  • Level 1 - Basic services including diagnostic and preventative,endodontics and periodontics.
  • Level 2 - Basic with major services. Major services includes such things as bridges,dentures,crowns,gold inlays etc.
  • Level 3 - Basic with Major and orthodontics, the addition of orthodontics includes the realignment and straightening of the teeth.
  • Due to the much higher costs associated with Major and Orthodontic coverage, few personal plans are available.

    Extended Health Care (EHC) and Dental plans are normally sold as a package but in some circumstance are available separately. The cost factors of these benefits are based on the co-insurance levels and maximum limits payable under each plan.

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