It has been said that the fear of dying too soon has been replaced by the fear of living too long.

The exorbitant cost of long term care can threaten the financial security you have worked so hard to achieve. Long Term Care insurance protects you against the possibility of long term care in the future.

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* Respite Care * Hospice Care *

We all plan on being healthy throughout our lifetime, but sometimes the aging process can prevent us from doing things that we now take for granted.

But did you know:

  • Currently 12% of the population in Canada is over age 65 and that will increase to 25% by the year 2036.
  • Once at age 75 men can expect to live another 9 years and women almost 12 more years.
  • The age 80 + segment will double in the next 20 years.
  • The prevalence of dementia rises with age.
  • The incidence of cancer has increased more than 30% in the last 20 years among aging Canadians.
  • There has been a 50% decrease in the death rate from heart disease in the last 20 years.
  • Stoke is the leading cause of transfer from hospital to long term care.
  • 75% of those disabled with arthritis need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL'S).
  • Long Term Care insurance should be part of your financial future.

    Why do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

    Because people are living longer and with the advancement of medicine, people are more likely to survive conditions that in the past would have led to death.

    Who will provide for your needs:

  • Government Benefits - may cover only a portion of the costs.
  • Your Family - few people today are in a position to devote the hours per day it takes to care for a loved one.
  • The answer is Long Term Care Insurance.
    It enables you to receive the care you need in the comfort of your own home. It also provides comprehensive coverage for nursing home care, should that option become a necessity for you.

    You can purchase long Term Care up to age 80. Give yourself the opportunity to live with dignity and not be a burden to your family or drain your assets.

    Living for today and caring for tomorrow.