Can my coverage be canceled by the insurance company?

No. Provided your premiums are paid, only you can cancel your policy.

Can my premiums ever go up?

No. The monthly premium you pay when you join is the premium you will always pay - until age 100. At that time, you stop paying premiums and your policy remains in force; or if you choose, we will pay you the policy face amount.

May I keep my coverage if I leave Canada?

Yes. Once you have your policy, you are covered wherever you reside, provided you make arrangements you pay the premiums.

If I die while insured under the plan, will my spouse's coverage be cancelled?

No. You and your spouse will each be issued a separate policy. What happens to one will not affect the other.

How are benefits paid?

During the first two years your policy is in force, the benefit paid for non-accidental death will be the return of all premiums plus 10% annual interest. In the event of suicide during the first two years, the premiums you paid will be returned to your beneficiary. In the event of accidental death in the first two years, the benefit paid will be the return of all premiums plus 50% annual interest. After the first two years, the benefit amount you selected will be paid for non - accidental death or suicide, and triple the benefit amount will be paid for accidental death.


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