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Health & Dental Plans Available to You

Martell Insurance Services has brokerage contracts with the leading providers of health and dental plans for small and large groups,as well as personal plans for the individual.

We are pleased to advise that Martell Insurance now offers health and dental insurance available through Manulife Financial.

If you are not covered by a group health plan or not satisfied with the health coverage you have today, Manulife Financial may be the answer for you.

Now you can earn AIR MILES® reward miles just for obtaining a quote on a Flexcare®/FollowMe™ Health plan. And you can earn additional AIR MILES® reward miles every 6 months just for staying on as a Flexcare®/FollowMe™ Health customer.

For more information on health and dental insurance or to purchase a plan, click on the links below. 

Employer Sponsored Group Plans

Individual Health & Dental

Group Health & Dental Plans

For small businesses with only 1 employee to large firms with over 1,000 employees.

What Can Martell Insurance Services Do for You?

Martell Insurance Services takes an innovative approach to designing group life,health, disability and critical illness coverage. We work with you to study the individual needs of your company,in order to provide the most appropriate products that fit with your concerns and budget. On your behalf, we then take this customized package to market to solicit competitive quotations.

The Way We Work . . . For You

  1. We believe that we work for you, the client and acting upon your direction, tempered with our advice and experience, we shop the market for a plan that helps you accomplish your goals at the most reasonable cost.
  2. We place the business with the selected carrier(s) and assist you in efficiently completing all the paperwork.
  3. We provide you and your plan administration with:
    • Booklets for each Employee
    • An easy way for you to use administration/claims kit for your plan administrator
    • An Employee information meeting to review the coverage, explain any procedures for claims and answer any questions
    • A personal service contract(s) at the insurance company chosen
  4. As long as rates and claims experience are reasonable, but at the most every 3 years, we do a complete market review to “Test the Water” on your behalf to make sure your rates are in line with marketing pricing.

Your Company Has a Group Plan

Your firm has a group plan but you may have concerns such as:

  • Is it competitively priced?
  • Are you satisfied with your benefits or service?


  • Do you want to enhance your program?
  • Do you want to make changes to your program to save money?
  • Do you want to include Critical Illness as an additional benefit?

You Do Not Have a Group Plan

Your firm has no group plan but you want to:

  • Attract and maintain good quality employees.
  • Provide Dental and Extended Health benefits to yourself and employees.
  • Maximize the Tax Advantages afforded a business owner.
  • Provide a Cost Plus plan for business owners and key – employees.

The Purpose of an Employee Plan is Threefold:

  1. To provide employees with the security of knowing certain financial uncertainties are protected.
  2. To define and limit a company’s legal and financial obligations to it’s employees.
  3. To provide some “Special” Benefits to the “Special” people who are instrumental in the company’s success.

Taxability of Employee Benefits

All the components of an employee benefits program are not taxed the same. For an explanantion and examples of how these benefits are taxed and how it affects employees payroll deductions, click here.

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Individual Health & Dental Plans

No Health or Dental Plan at work? No Problem.

Martell Insurance Services has brokerage contracts with the leading providers of personal Extended Health Care and Dental Plans.

With more and more cutbacks to our nations health care system,many Canadians are surprised to find out, sometimes too late, that their government Health Plan does not cover many day-to-day health related expenses such as, prescription drugs,nursing care,ambulance expenses,paramedical services and dental care just to name a few.

For some, these expenses are covered by a company group plan, for the balance there are Personal Extended Health and Dental Plans.

These plans are ideal for individuals and families who:

  • Do not have group coverage.
  • Work for or own a small business.
  • Are self employed.
  • Have had coverage reduced or terminated due to retirement.

Health Plan – What is a Health Plan?

Health plans or Extended Health Care plans are designed to provide additional benefit coverage as a supplement to your provincial health insurance plan. Any resident of B.C. regardless of age or health condition can participate in a plan.

Dental Plan – What is Included?

For the most part,dental plans are offered with 3 different levels of coverage.

Level 1 – Basic services including diagnostic and preventative,endodontics and periodontics.

Level 2 – Basic with major services. Major services includes such things as bridges,dentures,crowns,gold inlays etc.

Level 3 – Basic with Major and orthodontics, the addition of orthodontics includes the realignment and straightening of the teeth.

Due to the much higher costs associated with Major and Orthodontic coverage, few personal plans are available.

Extended Health Care (EHC) and Dental plans are normally sold as a package but in some circumstance are available separately. The cost factors of these benefits are based on the co-insurance levels and maximum limits payable under each plan.

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 I have been dealing with Tom Martell for over 25 years and have always appreciated his honesty, advice and suggestions.  I find it easy to make appointments with him no matter how small my concern is, his patience in explaining solutions and ideas are always appreciated. I have complete trust in his advise. 

Robin Calder

Saanichton BC

We have used your services to obtain travel insurance from Manulife since 2013. We appreciate the flexibility of the travel insurance you offer. The actual cost of travel insurance through you is also more reasonable than previous insurers we have dealt with. Your professionalism in explaining our options helped us greatly. We would recommend your services to anyone who plans to travel across Canada or internationally.

Noel and Glenys Pumfrey

Victoria BC

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